About MRT

Welcome to Maximum Results Training, Sydneys leading results based small group training facility located just outside Sydney’s CBD. We definitely aren’t your average training facility, at MRT specialise in producing life changing results through implementing the best nutrition, training and accountability methods, in fact we are so confident in our programs and services that we GUARANTEE your results!

It’s simple, all you have to do is follow the steps we lay out for you and do everything we ask of you and you get results! When was the last time you knew you would get the results you wanted guaranteed?

We offer a range of specialised programs and services including: Semi-private (small group) training, personal training, no nonsense nutritional advice, fat loss body transformations, lean muscle gain transformations and an amazing supportive training environment like no other.

Maximum Results Training is the perfect combination of nutrition, training, lifestyle and community!

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In your 7 Day Pass we kick start your body transformation by teaching you how to set up your nutrition for you as an individual, show you the best methods to train that will completely reshape your body and start building the habits you need to reach your ultimate body!