No carbs after 6pm… Trust me bro

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“Oh so you wanna lose body fat?

Rule Number 1

Don’t eat carbs after 6pm”

We’ve all heard it before

Heck, I use to recommend it to all my clients 6 years ago when I was a spring chicken in the fitness industry

It sounds logical and kinda makes sense too

Eating carbs at night will lead to those carbs being stored as body fat as carbs are energy and we don’t need energy to sleep right?

So I get it when people question me or look at me weird when I recommend to new members, current clients or even in random conversation to eat carbohydrates at night

I’ll get into my reasoning for this in a second, but first let me explain how the no carbs after 6pm phenomenon works

You see the thing with our society is we have a massive imbalance in our nutrition

We eat way to many carbohydrates, not enough protein and don’t do the right types of exercise.

The average person I speak to has a regular day of eating that looks like this:

Breakfast: toast, cereal or nothing

Morning tea: fruit, cereal bar or a coffee

Lunch: Sandwich or a wrap

Afternoon: Nothing, fruit, cereal bar, small sandwich

Dinner: rice, pasta, pizza, plus meat and veg (so they say)

All “healthy” stuff right

Side note – healthy doesn’t mean anything when it comes to fat loss. But more on this another blog post…

Our night time meal is most often the biggest meal of the day for most people and usually involves a heap of carbs and even a little dessert

Now if I got this particular person to stop eating carbs at night and simply just eat protein…

What would happen?

They would be eating less carbohydrates and less total calories


They would lose weight OR body fat (there is a big difference between losing weight and losing body fat)


But why would they actually lose weight?

Was it because of the magic of eating no carbs at night


Was it the fact that they were now in a caloric deficit?

I’d be going with number 2 there

You see: calories are THE most important factor for altering our body weight and body composition

Put very simply:

Caloric deficit = weight loss

Caloric surplus = weight gain

Caloric baseline = weight maintenance

Extreme calorie deficit = yoyo dieting and fat mass regain along with terrible health implications and a slowed metabolism (avoid this by avoiding quick fix diets)

“So Dylan… Why would you recommend eating carbs at night?”

It is a recommendation based on personal preference

Ideally you would be eating the majority of your carbohydrates around your workout to assist in workout performance and recovery (resistance training and lifting weights is considered a workout to me)

But for those of you who have ever dieted before understand that it is hard.

There are times when you will be hungry, extremely hungry.

But that is a perfectly normal part of fat loss

Nothing is worse than going to be being extremely hungry.

It absolutely sucks and will likely lead to late night binge eating on anything in site

So why not just eat save up some of your carbohydrates from the day and eat them at night so you go to bed with a full tummy?

There is no magic behind eating and not eating carbohydrates at night

In fact there is no magic behind eating anything at any particular time of the day. There is personal preference and there is reasoning for my personal preference.

Don’ be afraid to eat carbs at night

There is one more issue that can arise…

You need to understand how many grams of carbohydrates to eat per day and be consistent with this by tracking your macronutrient intake

But I already know this isn’t for everyone

So I use this quick rule for eating when not tracking or following a plan:

Eat 4-6 meals per day

Eat a protein source in every meal

Eat carbs in 50% of the meals 

Eat healthy fats in the other 50% of the meals

Intense resistance training 3-5 times per week

Be consistent and monitor what your body does and make changes from there.

Although these are very broad recommendations

They work

So don’t be afraid to eat carbs at night

They won’t make you fat

Eating in excess or in an extreme caloric restriction will though

Stay strong!

Dylan Smouha

PS – Eating carbs at night also assists with sleep as it raises serotonin production leading to improved sleep which will lead to greater fat loss!

So maybe there is some magic behind it all 😉

Ice Cream = Happiness

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If there is one thing we can all agree on it’s this

Ice cream turns frowns into smiles

In fact I have formulated a scientific equation for this phenomena

🙁 + <D = 🙂

But here is the issue.

If you add too much ice cream into the equation you revert back to a frowny face

This can be explained in this next scientific equation

🙁 + <D + <D = 🙁

This is where this little thing called moderation is key

As you already know (click here if you don’t) sugar isn’t inherently bad for you

We just eat too much of it (and it’s easy to do)

Which makes us think that it’s bad for you

So if sugar isn’t bad for us and it won’t magically make us fat (unless we eat too much of it)

We can surely add in a little into our daily nutrition to make us happy?

And this is exactly what I like to get people to do

Add in some happiness into their nutrition

This for me comes in the form of ice cream…

At the moment I am trying to maintain my body weight and I make up around 20% of my total carb intake from ice cream

The low fat type (peters light and creamy is my current favourite)

However I don’t just chuck it in a bowl at the end of my day and eat it as i’ve eaten really “healthy” or eaten really “clean” so I earned it…

That’s all a bunch of nonsense!

This is the key to stress free eating of ice cream

I measure and weigh my food out and track my macronutrient intake so that I know exactly how much I can fit in so that I can eat ice cream and feel happy but still get the results I want.

It basically goes works like this:

I currently eat 380g of carbohydrates per day

300g of that comes from rice, sweet potato and fruit

80g of that comes from peters light and creamy ice cream (300g serve)

Now don’t get me wrong

Tracking your nutrition is a hard, timely and tedious process

I am not going to tell you it’s easy because it isn’t

But when you can eat ice cream stress free and still get the results you want it’s worth it and makes it just a little bit fun!

This is why tracking your macronutrient intake and monitoring your nutrition is one of the most important things you can do when it comes to changing your body composition for the long term!

I’ve even heard Dr. Layne Norton (pro bodybuilder, pro powerlifter, Phd in Nutrition and fellow ice cream lover) say that he learnt just as much if not MORE about nutrition simply by tracking his macros then he did in his PHD


“Oh but Dylan you can’t eat ice cream thats bad for you and not paleo”

I know it’s not something our paleo ancestors ate. But our paleo ancestors also didn’t have toilet paper.

But I am still going to use it…

If anything having the ability to add in happiness foods (like ice cream) is something that you MUST do for long term sustainability and adherence

The issue isn’t that people can’t lose weight and body fat

The issue is that they can’t keep it off

Expressed in these statistics:

95% of diets fail in the first 2 years

1/3 of people who diet put more weight on than when they first started dieting.


It’s impossible to form 99% of “diets” into a long term lifestyle

Because they don’t allow ANY flexibility or deviance from the specific foods you are allowed to eat, the products and supplements you have to take or the times you are allowed to eat.

But you add in ice cream and you learn to have it in moderation and still get the results you want

You’ll likely be building that into a very long term lifestyle

It’s really a win win

There is no magic pills or magic diets to get the results you want

Focus on building something you can maintain for the long term and start getting results!

Until next time

Stay Strong!

Dylan Smouha

Does Sugar Make Us Fat?

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It cops a lot of slack as the bad guy when it comes to the ever expanding waist line of todays society

Majority of people I speak to about nutrition are going to start eating healthier and cut out sugar (so they say)

Or they have a friend who cut out sugar and lost 5 kg

Or even worse they are cutting out refined sugars and baking some healthy treats this weekend with manuka honey and brown sugar… which both contain sugar.

You see sugar isn’t this evil thing we all make it out to be

It doesn’t make us gain fat and it doesn’t stop us from losing fat

Sugar is a carbohydrate

Sugar contains 4 calories per gram just like any carbohydrate

So why does it have such a bad name?

Instead of going through examples of how and why it gets a bad name I am just going to tell it like it is

We eat too much of it

Such a complicated topic really warrants such a complicated and complex answer…

And when we eat too much of something and cut it back to not eating so much of it we lose weight

Due to a caloric deficit created by no longer eating that food. In this instance we have created a caloric deficit by cutting sugar.

But what happens when we cut out sugar. Lose a few kg then resume eating sugar again?

We most likely put the few kg we lost back on

So how is it that we eat too much sugar?

Again a very complex answer…

Sugar is very calorie dense

Let’s compare the nutritional contents of a kilo of sugar to a kilo of sweet potato 

Side note – potatoes have been shown to be the most satiating food when dieting!

1 kilogram of table sugar:


Carbohydrates: 999.8g

Protein: 0g

Fats: 0g

Calories: 3870 (this is more calories than I currently eat in a day)

1 kilogram of sweet potato:


Carbohydrates: 203g

Protein: 15.8g

Fats: 0g

Calories: 857

Now as you can see the kilogram of sugar has 4 times the amount of carbohydrates and calories than a kilo of sweet potato

If you ate a kilo of sweet potato you would be pretty damn full and satiated (best food for losing body fat for this reason)

If you ate a kilo of sugar you’d probably feel extremely ill

But if you only ate 200g of sugar (which wouldn’t be too hard) you would be getting the same amount of carbohydrates and calories than if you ate 1 kg of sweet potato.

And here lies the issue

Sugar doesn’t make us fat

We just eat too much of it

Because it is extremely carb and calorie dense and does not even touch the sides as opposed to en equivalent serving of potatoes or rice

So it’s not the actual sugar that’s making us fat but rather the excess of calories and carbohydrates that the sugar contains that is the real issue…

So if we get an understanding of our daily carbohydrate, protein and fat intake we could and should fit sugar into our nutrition in moderation


Have you ever told a kid or a dog or even an adult not to do something?

They want to do it BAD

Maybe even 10X more

So you tell someone not to eat sugar ever again

They will eat sugar

More on this in another article coming soon…

Ok so sugar isn’t the issue. It’s the calories and carbohydrates that sugar contains and our free reign to eat it that is the real issue

But is sugar unhealthy for us?

Sugar being very calorie dense has basically ZERO nutritional value.

No minerals, no vitamins, no nutrients besides carbohydrates.

So if all we ate for our carbohydrates was sugar then it’s likely to have adverse side effects on our health and well being as we won’t be getting in any nutrients from fruits, vegetables, rice, potatoes etc.

I would definitely advise eating a wide variety of fruit, vegetables, rice, potatoes, pasta and grains to make up your carbs

This will ensure you are getting a wide variety of vitamins, minerals, nutrients and fibre.

Maybe even cover your basis with a few nutritional supplements. Stuff like a multi vitamin, fish oil, zinc, magnesium and a good mix of fibre

To make sure we are covering our bases from a health stand point

And then feel free to add in sugary foods in moderation and still get the results you want

Look sugar isn’t evil

Sugar doesn’t make us fat

Over consuming calories makes us fat

Sugar is very calorie dense and we eat too much of it

But we don’t need to cut it out

In fact we should bring it in

Just in moderation!

And in our next instalment…

I’ll go over an a very scientific equation and how I go about adding sugary foods into a diet

Until next time!

Stay Strong

Dylan Smouha

The Power of Our Minds (Part 2)

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We recently uploaded a new post to the MRT Blog

On the power of our mind


The effect that positive and negative thoughts can have on ours and the people who we come in contact with each days lives

Today we are continuing on with the power of the mind

But this time we are talking about it’s effects on physical performance

(There’s also a link to part 1 at the bottom of this page if you missed it)

I was having a conversation with one of my mates in Bali about the power of our mind when it comes to performance

We both agreed that the mind is an amazingly powerful tool if used correctly

We both also agreed that our minds can also be amazingly detrimental to our success

It’s all well and good for us to say this and agree with out any real proof

But then…

We also blurted out our favourite studies examining the power of the mind when it comes to increasing performance

His favourite research paper?

One that shows how important visualisation and mental training is when it comes to increasing strength



This is me visualising myself squatting before I actually squat

The study showed that simply adding in mental imagery and visualisation along with strength training was enough to have a bigger increase in strength gains than strength training alone.

Pretty amazing right?

That simply visualising yourself doing an exercise or achieving something could actually be the thing limiting you from achieving your goal or increasing your performance

You could be doing all the right training, eating all the right food and getting all the right recovery techniques


If you aren’t visualising yourself achieving your goals

Then you are much more unlikely to achieve them

So the take away from this is

Start visualising your self achieving your goals DAILY

And not just kinda achieving them

But rather visualise your self absolutely smashing them!

I know so many UBER successful people that can create the most vivid visualisations of themselves achieving their goals and guess what?

They regularly achieve some amazing things!

So what was my favourite study on the power of the mind?

Personally I enjoy reading into studies on the effects that steroids have on performance

So I can educate people on why they shouldn’t be listening to trainers who take steroids (this a sad story for another day)

But in my reading I stumbled upon an amazing research piece that specifically looked into the placebo effect of steroids


Close-up of some pills, with one featuring the words Placebo, symbolizing the test sample of a medicine that is given to a control group in medical research, on


Placebo – Something used that has no effect to make a control group in a test 

In this study the test subjects were a group of highly trained strength athletes

They were told they were going to be given oral steroids for a test and the results were going to be measured via strength testing


Instead of giving them steroids they were simply given saccharine pills (much like the placebo pills in the image above)

Now it’s important to note that these were all highly trained individuals

Unlike intermediate or beginner trainees who can experience amazing gains in both muscle and strength naturally

Being highly trained means it takes a lot to get an extra 5kg out of their lifts


All of the subjects retested their maxes when they had thought they were on steroids and instantly had an increase from 5-12.5kg on there squats, bench and deadlifts.

Now for most highly trained individuals that is basically a years worth of results from simply THINKING they were on steroids

They continued on training for another 2 weeks (still thinking they were on steroids) and all reported lifting heavier and feeling more energetic

They went to retest again HOWEVER this time there was a twist put in

5 of the 11 test subjects were told they were taking a placebo while the other 6 were told they were actually taking steroids

And here is where it gets interesting…

The group of 6 that still believed they were on steroids held onto there strength gains from the previous 2 weeks with a few hitting even bigger personal bests but still they held onto a 5-12.5kg increase

However the group that were told they were taking a placebo could not hit anywhere near the weights they hit 2 weeks prior even though they knew they weren’t taking steroids when they initially tested

As soon as the mental crutch was removed they literally all regressed

This really shows how powerful the mind is

Simply by thinking you have something that’s shown to increase strength and performance you will in turn have increases in strength and performance


By visualising yourself getting stronger and performing better you will get stronger and perform better


Visualisation is the reason why it’s so important to have goals set to know exactly what you want to achieve. Where ever you put your focus is where you will go!

The mind is an amazingly strong tool that we all need to master

Imagine being able to think yourself to success?

It’s possible

Stay Strong

Dylan Smouha

You can catch part by clicking here!

The Power of Our Minds (Part 1)

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Our Minds

They are more powerful than most people actually realise

Did you know

We have around 50000 to 70000 thoughts per day

That’s 35 to 48 thoughts per minute…

So it’s easy to see how our minds and our thoughts can influence our everyday action

Look at it like this…

Imagine if 90% of these thoughts were negative

How do you think that would impact your day?

Imagine if 90% of these thoughts were positive

How do you think that would impact your day?



Controlling our thoughts will control our actions and directly effect the path we choose in life

It’s pretty easy to see that if the majority of your thoughts are positive you are likely going to have a better, more fulfilling and more accomplished day

It’s also pretty see that if you fill your mind and life with negativity… Well you are going to have a terrible and negative day


You are going to force that negativity onto others around you

Negativity and positivity work like a domino effect

You be positive to others and they be positive to the next person and the next person and the next person…

You be negative to others and they be negative to the next person and the next person and the next person…

Positive and negative thoughts are habits

Just like eating is a habit

Just like training is a habit

We need to work on building habits

Habits don’t just miraculously happen

In fact it takes time

Originally thought to be 21 days to build a habit but research has it looking more like 66 days but it’s all completely individual!

So how do we make positivity a habit?

I wish I knew

I am still finding a way to stay positive my self

But I can tell you some things to help you on your way that I plan on implementing

#1 – Don’t let other people drop their shit on you 

#2 – Don’t drop your shit on other people  

#3 – Make mandatory time for you every day (read, write, stretch or listen to music for even 15 minutes)

#4 – Exercise – has been proven to be vital for mental health

#5 – Actually have a purpose and goals so you have a sense of accomplishment and fulfilment 

#6 – Make an effort to have a positive impact on other peoples lives

#7 – Wake up and write 2 or 3 positive actions you will take that day 

You see it’s easy for me to say this now

I am sitting by the pool in Bali writing this

I know our real lives are hectic

And to keep having positive thoughts is hard

But who cares how fit, strong, athletic, lean, successful, rich, popular you are

Or  how many followers you have on social media or how smart you are


You are a negative POS

Change your thoughts from positive to negative


Watch how your life changes!

Stay Strong

Dylan Smouha

PS Got part 2 coming to your inbox on how powerful the mind is! Look out for it!

>You can actually just click here to read part 2<<

human brain with lightnings

8 Tips For Perfect Sleep

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Recently (a few days ago) we posted a very important article

Explaining to you the importance of getting optimal sleep

It went into detail about all the positives and negative effects of getting optimal sleep

If you didn’t catch it you can click here and read it

>>All About Sleep<<

And I also promised that I would be giving you 8 ways to perfect sleep

So that’s exactly what I am going to do

Now before I get into these I should tell you that these are not my own recommendations or something that I have invented

But rather I have learnt these 8 research based tips from Menno Henselmans a mentor of mine and owner of Bayesian Bodybuilding

That being said this platform is not for me to pump my own tyres but rather help you get the best possible information so you can get maximum results out of life!

So the 8 tips?

Before we get into them it should be noted to get the most out of our sleep we need to look at our entire day and gain an understanding of our circadian rhythm

Which is basically our cycle of biological activity

Without getting into too much detail…

Our bodies are basically programmed to perform different activities at different times of the day

This is known as our 24 hour biorythm and an example be seen in the image below

24-Hour-Human-Circadian-rhythm 2


Basically everything we do will benefit from a stable and synchronised circadian rhythm and sleep/wake cycle

So here are the tips

Tip #1 – Consistency 

Your body will synchronise to whatever you consistently do and adapt your circadian rhythm accordingly.

So be as consistent as possible with training times, meal times, sleeping times etc.

This is why people who are use to training in the morning will find it extremely hard to perform well training in the evening

A good recommendation for sleep time is to always try and sleep within 1 hour of the same time every night

To get adequate sleep we need to average 8 hours per night over the week

If you are only getting 6 hours of sleep during the week you basically have to average 13 hours on Friday and Saturday night to get optimal sleep…


Tip #2 – Get Bright Light Exposure

Our biological activity cycle is based upon our exposure to sunlight

However with the style of lives we live predominantly indoors staring at a computer all day it is hard to get direct sunlight exposure every day

There are basically 3 things you should be doing to get as much bright light exposure as possible

– Try and get outdoors and get direct sun exposure when possible

– Buy a daylight lamp/globe to sit at your desk which will simulate sun light exposure (10000 lux strength)

– Purchase wake up light or artificial dawn simulator which wakes up with simulated sunlight instead of an alarm


Tip #3 – Carbohydrates Before Bed

At night carbohydrates induce after meal sleepiness and also trigger a rest and digest mode

Carbs at night also increase the uptake of tryptophan in the brain, which converts to serotonin and ultimately melatonin.

Melatonin is the the hormone that effectively tells your body that it’s time to go to sleep

This is one of the reasons why we always recommend having a large proportion of carbohydrates before bed


Tip #4 – Avoid Strong Light Exposure Before Going To Bed

Strong light exposure prevents your body from producing melatonin and keeps you awake.

It is ideal that you sleep with absolutely no light exposure. Complete darkness if possible.

This means no phones, no outside lights and no TV in bed or even in the hours leading up to going to bed.

If you do need to use your computer before going to bed download this app >

Which sets the lighting on your screen so it is a much softer light

If you need to use any technology ensure you turn the brightness right down

A wise investment would be also to get some black out lights and if you read (like I do) before bed use a very dim and mild light or even a candle.

Limiting light exposure will have a very positive effect on sleep quality


Tip #5 – Limit Fluid Consumption in The Hours Before Bed

This is something I am terrible with

If you consume a lot of fluids pre bed you are going to need to get up and go to the toilet frequently

Which will mess up your sleep quality


Tip #6 – Supplement Melatonin 

As you already know melatonin is responsible for telling our bodies it’s time to sleep

If you are still taking longer than expected to get to sleep then supplement with melatonin

Dosages are completely individual as some need to take up to 5mg and others can do with 0.5mg.

Most should use around 3mg around 30-60 mins pre bed

Melatonin supplementation is completely harmless and won’t disrupt your natural production so it can be taken every single day


Tip #7 – Make Your Bedroom Temperature Comfortable

Both heat and cold can disrupt your sleep so make sure the temperature in your bed is comfortable

The optimal sleeping temperature for perfect sleep is around 19 degrees


Tip #8 – Take a Warm Shower Before Bed

Thermoregulation is a direct regulator of sleep.

Simply put you are comfortable when you are warm and when you are comfortable you sleep better!


So there you have it

8 easy to apply steps that will have profound effects on your sleep quality and in turn have amazing effects on your life

So start applying one step at a time and start seeing the benefits from optimal sleep

If you apply these steps and start seeing a positive effect I’d love to hear about your results!

Until next time!

Stay Strong

Dylan Smouha


All About Sleep

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It’s one of the most misunderstood aspects when it comes to every day performance, health and body composition

At MRT whenever someone has a bad workout or a string of bad days one of the first things that will come up in conversation is sleep…


Because we know if we have been having good or bad sleep


Adequate sleep has so many positive effects on our bodies


Poor sleep has more negative effects on our bodies

So what happens when we don’t get enough sleep?

Let’s start with two great reasons to sleep more

#1 – Decreased wellbeing 

Doesn’t actually sound that bad right?

What does ‘wellbeing’ actually mean?

Wellbeing is a complex combination of a person’s physical, mental, emotional and social health factors.

Probably the most important factor!

#2 – Decreased cognitive function 

Also known as decreased intelligence and decreased ability to actually use our brains

So getting less sleep makes us dumber

Which means getting more sleep makes us smarter


Now these are two pretty big impacts if you ask me


We are just getting started!

Ok.. so how much sleep should you be getting per night?

We will get into that in a bit

But first

More negative impacts from lack of sleep…

#3 – Increase in appetite

One study showed an increase in daily intake by 20% of individuals who had been sleeping 6 hours or less for 4 nights…

I know majority of people I speak with get only 6 hours of sleep most nights…

Increasing this alone could lead to a 20% lower intake of food!

Meaning simply sleeping more could lead to fat loss!

#4 – Decreased body composition

Another study found that sleeping 5.5 hours as opposed to 8 hours per night decreased the proportion of weight lost as fat by 55% and increased the loss of fat free body mass by 60%

Before you ask

“What the hell does that actually mean?”

Let me explain it for you

It means that if you are trying to lose body fat and maintain or even build muscle mass or “tone up” as most people call it these days

You could be doing ALL the right things nutritionally and training wise


Only getting 5.5 hours of sleep per night instead of 8 hours of sleep will cause your body lose muscle mass INSTEAD of losing body fat…

Meaning if your goal is to “tone up” then sleep is of a high priority

#5 – Increased insulin resistance

Meaning your body struggles to utilise and transport carbohydrates appropriately

Add this in with an 20% increase in hunger/food intake and you are basically a fat storing machine

There are a bunch of other hormonal issues along with insulin resistance that have also been found due to lack of sleep

Such as 50% increases in cortisol levels (not good)

And decreases in testosterone levels (not good)


So as you can see

Getting adequate sleep is pretty damn important

Especially if you want to live a vibrant life and be in great shape whilst performing at your best


How much sleep should you be getting?

While it is completely individual as to how much sleep you can “survive” on

For me I can survive on 7 hours per night

But in terms of seeing positive effects from adequate sleep the ideal for an active healthy person is 8-9 hours per night

What is considered adequate sleep?

Sleep where you basically don’t wake for extended periods of time

It’s ok to get up and go to the toilet but ideally you should go straight back to sleep

“Hang on Dylan… You have only listed the negatives of lack of sleep. What about the positives”

The positives of optimal sleep are basically the OPPOSITE of the negatives


– Increased wellbeing

– Increased cognitive function

– Decreased appetite

– Improved body composition

– Improved insulin sensitivity 

– Improved hormonal balance

“But 8-9 hours is a lot of sleep”

I know… It really is

But unfortunately you can’t cheat sleep.

If you want to see the positive benefits from adequate sleep you are going to have to sleep…

Ok so where the hell do you go from here?

Don’t worry

Part 2 to this is coming and I’ll be showing you 8 ways to that you can get perfect sleep!

In fact you can view part 2 by clicking here >> 8 Tips For Perfect Sleep

So you can start getting more results out of every day life!

Until then

Stay Strong

Dylan “ZzZzZz” Smouha


Should I Lift Weights?

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This is a VERY common question that we get asked a hell of a lot at Maximum Results Training
Should I lift weights?
Why do you focus so much on lifting weights?
So I thought it would be the perfect time to clear up some of the confusion and simultaneously share one of my biggest passions
Getting stronger and lifting weights
And how it can have positive effects on you and your entire life
If you ask me – All of the problems we have in life can be solved by lifting weights – but that could just be the teenage gym rat in me…
One of the number 1 things we focus on at Maximum Results Training is…
Getting Strong!
And we have a pretty good track record
Multiple girls deadlifting over 120kg, squatting over 100kg and doing bodyweight pull-ups
Multiple guys deadlifting 200kg+, squatting over 150kg AND benching over 120kg
Which isn’t too shabby considering the majority of our didn’t walk through our doors with years of training experience. Actually majority of them had never really lifted weights properly before stepping through our doors!
Even when we are helping people lose body fat and increase muscle we always have a focus on getting stronger.
People always wonder why?
And there are SO many reasons for this
I am going to try and list a few of them:
Firstly – the stronger you are, the more you can lift which means the higher intensity you can train at which = faster results! (how’s that for an equation)
Accomplishment/achievement – we thrive on the feeling of achievement, achievement is actually one of our primary needs. Some weeks fat loss may stall or our nutrition might not be as good due to some external factors. BUT seeing your lifts increase week by week will make sure we are constantly achieving.
Strength is never ending – You can get to your ideal body but can you ever get strong enough? A commitment to getting stronger is never ending and it’s damn fun! This will ensure that you create a lifestyle around training and constantly have goals to work towards.
A strong body = a strong mind. You have to be mentally strong to put a weight on your shoulders that would have once squashed you.
There are so many other reasons but let me sum up some more benefits:
– Want to increase exercise enjoyment levels? Do resistance training and get stronger
– Want to lose body fat? Do resistance training and get stronger
– Want to put on muscle? Do resistance training and get stronger
– Want to help balance female hormones? Do resistance training and get stronger
– Want to increase athletic performance? Do resistance training and get stronger
– Improve self control? Do resistance training and get stronger
– Reduce stress and anxiety? Do resistance training and get stronger
 -Want to dominate life? Do resistance training and get stronger
This is exactly why we have such a big focus on resistance training and getting stronger at Maximum Results Training
The benefits are endless
Like with every aspect of life – strength in the gym doesn’t happen over night.
Just remember – Strength is NEVER a Weakness
Have a great day!
Dylan Smouha
Ps – Thanks to Dr Nic Lucas for helping inspire this post!
And one final question for you all:
If you walk into a gym and there isn’t any squat racks… Is it really a gym?
The short answer is no…
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How To Eat Ice Cream and Lose Fat!

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It can be done

In fact

It should be done


life without ice cream isn’t worth living

Something that I 100% believe in with all of my body is

If you can’t turn your training and nutritional routine into a lifestyle

Then your results, which you’ve worked so damn hard to achieve, will not last

You can basically just kiss them goodbye


All those prepped meals

All those intense workouts

All that extra cardio

Was just a BIG waste of time


You don’t turn your training and nutrition routine INTO a lifestyle

The big exception is physique athletes who are striving for extremely lean condition

But that’s only a very minute percentage of the entire population


For the rest of you

You want to have BALANCE


Eat some yummy ice cream!



How are you going to add the foods you TRULY enjoy into your daily nutritional habits?

It’s so simple


Once you understand HOW simple it is

You’ll smack yourself in the head



I need you to forget everything you have ever heard about nutrition so far

All this clean, organic, low fat, paleo, no carb BS is just that…


But that’s a story for another day (in fact you can read that story here >>

We fit ice cream into your fat loss nutrition using this simple little thing called


What are macros?

  • Protein
  • Carbohydrates
  • Fats

These are the three MAIN macronutrients (alcohol is a macronutrient but we’ll get to that another time)

All food that we consume has an amount of one, two or all three of these macronutrients

Believe it or not

Even when we want to lose body fat

We need to be eating carbohydrates (life without them also just sucks)


Seriously, eat them!

(We also need to be eating fats and protein)

This may range anywhere from a daily intake from 100g all the way up to 400+g dependant on a range of different individual factors

Including: age, bodyweight, body composition, dieting history and current intake just to name a few.

For me personally I can lose bodyfat on around 350-400g of carbohydrates per day however it has take a long time for me to build this sort of a metabolism

For a lot of smaller females we’d be looking at a carbohydrate intake of around 100-150g/day

Again this is very general number and will vary individually from person to person

The majority of this intake SHOULD be made up good quality carbohydrate sources

But 20% can definitely be made from less “healthy” options (healthy doesn’t always mean GOOD)

For example

Let’s take a 65kg female called Jane (completely random name) who’s carbohydrate intake per day is 150g

Jane trains in the morning and has 50g of carbs around training, then another 50g at lunch and still has ~50g of carbs left by dinner time.

=>This is starting to sound like one of those primary school math questions<=

She eats 100g of sweet potato (~22g of carbs) with fish and veg for dinner and still has around 30g of carbs left.

Jane has planned out her day well and has hit her fat and protein intake and was always wanting to save a little room to fit in a treat that won’t have a negative impact on her goals.

With that ~30g of carbs she has left she ads in an appropriately named caramel Skinny Cow ice cream sandwich (these are my go to ice cream) which contain 24.5g of carbs per serve (very low in fat at protein)

And there you go

Jane now gets to enjoy ice cream AND get results


By understanding macronutrient intake and hitting her macronutrient targets


Jane doesn’t just have to use this nutritional trickery to fit in ice cream

She can basically have the flexibility to fit most things in

As long as the majority of the time (80-90%) she is on plan and eating good quality food sources

You see nutrition DOESN’T and SHOULDN’T be this boring drag where all you can eat is chicken and broccoli

We were given taste buds for a reason


To eat yummy things like this…

We need to be able to ENJOY what we are eating every single day so that we don’t continually fail when it comes to fat loss

If we don’t enjoy the process

If we don’t allow ourselves the satisfaction of enjoying the foods we eat

You can kiss your results goodbye

Or worse

Never even see any results..

Stay strong!

Dylan “Skinny Cow” Smouha



It’s important to understand “the moderation mindset” when allowing yourself to eat ice cream daily

Binging is a quick way to end flexibility and develop a terrible relationship with food

Understand this:

You can enjoy the things you want in moderation every single day and still get the results you want.

The Domino Effect

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Unfortunately I’m not asking you for pizza

urlNo Pizza :'(


What I am talking about is the domino effect of positivity OR negativity in our lives

What’s the domino effect?

Again, I’m not talking about pizza so it’s not the effect of what happens to your body when you eat too much pizza…

It’s the effect or chain reaction that is produced when one event sets off a chain of similar events

Much like falling dominos, these events come one after the other


Whether you want to believe it or not

We are all goal striving machines

We thrive of achieving and accomplishing different things in our lives

The problem?

We never do anything to achieve these goals

So we live a life where we aren’t getting any huge success in any particular area of life


If we reach massive success in one area of life

We can set off a chain reaction which leads us to reaching higher in other areas of life

Businessman Touching Domino Pieces Arranged in a Line



The domino effect of success is just like that of falling dominos



The feelings of




Are addictive

It works like this

Let’s say you have 4 main focuses in life (we all generally have many more areas of focus in life iI’m just keeping it simple)





Let’s say you have a massive success in any one of these areas

You set some amazing goals

And not only reach them

But absolutely SMASH them

I can guarantee that feeling of success will force you to look into other areas of your life which aren’t completely satisfying you


You will set amazing goals in that area and smash them too


Success is addictive

It makes us feel like we are progressing as a human being

No one wants to get worse at life

We want to get better

And to get better we need to succeed

(remember you will fail along the way and that’s ok so keep going)

We see this happen to so many guys and girls at Maximum Results Training


Training, exercise or any endeavour in your health is SO much more than just losing some body fat or putting some more muscle on or getting stronger.

It’s about what happens to you when you put in the work and reach your goal

You learn that you have more to give in you than you are currently giving

You learn that the right kind of work leads to success

You learn what it feels like to succeed


You go and find success in other areas of your life


The domino effect of success…

For so many people it starts with their health and fitness

They not only get the feeling of success

But they have more energy and feel more confident to go out and be great in other areas of life


If you aren’t getting the success that you want in life

Start with your health

Set goal

Not a small goal

a BIG goal

Work at it

Achieve it

Feel amazing and watch the dominos start falling in other areas of your life

Have an amazing day

Dylan Smouha

Maximum Results Training


The other domino effect

Is the effect of doing nothing


If we do nothing to succeed then the domino effect will lead on to every other area of our life


Do something


Start succeeding