The MRT Team

Maximum Results Training team members always practice what they preach! MRT prides itself on always staying ahead of the rest and educating our clients with the most up to date, evidence based and ethical information. This starts with having our team members spending hours each week on further increasing their own education. We always put our members health first and never prescribe anything to our members that will impact their health in the long term. We don’t just want you to get results whilst training with us our teams objective is to educate our members so that they can continually get results for the months and years after working with us.

Meet The Team



Health and fitness has played a large role in Dylans life from the very early age of 4 he had been heavily involved in all things sport and fitness related. From travelling to different parts of the world playing rugby and competing at top level Sydney rugby union for 5 years.

Dylans invovelement in sport drove his passion for helping others achieve great things with their health and fitness. Dylan also prides himself on his education and his ability to help all people he comes in contact with.

As the founder of MRT, Dylans vision has always been to create a community based training facility where everyone could come along and feel welcome whilst getting life changing results through the right education, guidance and support.



Alicia or Leish as she is more commonly known at MRT practices what she preaches with great view on balance healthy nutrition and having as much fun through training as possible she encompasses everything MRT is all about.

Leish wasn’t always a fan of going to the gym and like a lot of girls found it to be a very intimidating environment. However she soon found her feet and her love for training grew rapidly.
She is now all about getting the most out of herself and every member she comes in touch with at MRT to help them be the best results possible.