Semi-PrivatePersonal Training

$ 50-99

Per Week
  • 45-minute sessions
  • 8 on 1
  • $55 per week = 2 x 45 min Sessions
  • $77 per week = 3 x 45 min Sessions
  • $88 per week = 4 x 45 min Sessions
  • $99 per week = 4 x 45 min Sessions + 1 Total Body Bootcamp
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One-on-OnePersonal Training

$ 75 - 109

Per Week
  • $77 per session (45 Min) With MRT Coach
  • $109 per session (45 Min) With MRT Specialist Coach
  • Completely Individualised Nutrition specific to your goal
  • Tailored training plan structured towards your current exercise level and specific goal
  • For the trainee that wants a completely personalised training and results driven training experience
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Total BodyBootcamp

$ 25

Per Session
  • Only on Saturdays @ 9am
  • First session is FREE
  • $25/Session
  • This is a total body conditioning session aimed at burning a heap of energy and having a bit of fun!
  • Saturdays at MRT are the best way to start your weekend
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Cancellation/Refund policy

If you have booked in for a MRT Semi Private Session but are unable to attend we require at least 24 hours notice to reschedule this session. However this session must be rescheduled during the same week in which it was initially missed. MRT Semi Private sessions do not carry over from week to week. Unless originally agreed upon by yourself and MRT, Total Body Bootcamp sessions cannot be used as a make up session for missed Semi Private Personal Training Sessions. All of our programs are backed up by our 28 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee! That’s right we are so confident in our training and nutritional services that if after 28 days you aren’t happy with your progress we will simply refund you your money!


Semi Private Personal Training classes have a maximum capacity of 8 people and require pre booking either online or via phone to book in. The Total Body Bootcamp Class has a capacity of 30 people and also requires pre booking. All of our classes are designed to shed body fat, increase lean muscle and increase your strength while still having a heap of fun!

Payment Policy

All payments are to be made prior to training sessions (pre-paid) via our fortnightly payment system. Some payment periods may have less workouts (due to holidays/missed workouts/illness) however the weekly fee will still be deducted – unless previously agreed upon by you and MRT due to extended absence (2+ weeks), in which case the account may be frozen for length of absence. We do require a period of 21 days (3 weeks) notice before cancelling your membership/program. Sessions have a 45 Minute allocation, however sessions may occasionally be completed in less time than this. To cancel your membership/program please contact us via email on:


Are the MRT Semi private session catered to all fitness levels?

Yes, All MRT training sessions are easily scaled to suit people of all fitness levels, whether you are a beginner or athlete our programs are easily scalable to suit your needs and goals!