MRT personal training sessions are specifically designed for drastic body transformations and specific performance based results. We use our specialised training techniques to create amazing fat loss and lean muscle body transformations. Our personal training services also reach out to people with a specific individualised performance based goal, whether it be a strength sport, team sport or individual sport.


The MRT Semi Private Training is our specialised small group training service that guarantees your results. Our semi private training programs are specifically designed to maximize fat burning through focusing on lean muscle building. We focus on teaching you how to lift weights to change your body in a super fun and motivating environment.


Total Body Bootcamp (TBC) is the best way to start your weekend! In this results accelerating training session we set up a specific fat burning and muscle building workout that is not only challenging and rewarding but also a heap of fun! You work through in groups of up to 3 and take on the workout together!


Our individualised programming option is only for the more experienced trainee that needs the guidance and expertise of one of our experienced coaches to steer them towards their goals. We assess your goals, needs and screen you for any weak points that need addressing before prescribing you with an individualised training and nutrition program specifically structured to your goals.


Our Online body transformation programs are specifically tailored for guys and girls to achieve amazing results while not actually having any face to face contact. We have specific programs for both guys and girls in which we walk you through everything you need to know about nutrition and lay out a complete nutritional plan set up for you to achieve an amazing, lasting body transformation.


In your 7 Day Pass we kick start your body transformation by teaching you how to set up your nutrition for you as an individual, show you the best methods to train that will completely reshape your body and start building the habits you need to reach your ultimate body!