“I’ve always been what is commonly referred to as “skinny fat”, where I could eat anything I want and still appear skinny. As a kid I was always active but once I got working that dropped off and my training was sporadic at best. I would have brief periods of motivation where id train for a month or two, then lose motivation when I realised I didn’t know what I was doing.

Having never had a Personal Trainer before I was more than a tad anxious about approaching it, but from the moment I met Dylan I felt at ease.

When I started with Dylan I was about 69kgs at 13% Body Fat. My goal was getting my BF% below 10% while increasing my muscle mass. After the first 3 weeks of training my BF% dropped from 13% to 8.1% which was astounding. I have seen my lean muscle mass increase, my strength increase along with my energy levels and confidence.

The programs have always been fun & engaging, if challenging, but most importantly they were varied! I was pushed to meet my ‘actual’ limits rather than my own ‘perceived limits’. This awareness of his about how much more I was capable of was a massive eye opener for me and I now know when I have more left in the tank!

Dylan is very professional, motivated and leads by example. You can tell that he is passionate about health and fitness and that he genuinely cares for all of his clients. I have witnessed him (not just with myself) going above and beyond to assist his clients. Even where he had a 10 minute break between clients he will happily chat about any topic you might have questions on.

When you pick his brain it is obvious just how knowledgeable he is. He is constantly furthering his education and up-skilling through a variety of courses and its clear how passionate he is when he excitedly introduces new tips and tricks into your training, the day after completing a course.

The confidence, the results and the knowledge that I have gained from my time with Dylan has been nothing short of amazing and I look forward to continuing with him. I have no hesitation in recommending Dylan Smouha to anyone out there. So if you’re serious about your health and fitness goals, stop putting it off! You’ll wonder (like I did) why you didn’t do it sooner…”


“I have been training with Dylan at Maximum Results Training for almost 9 months and I have never worked with a personal trainer like Dylan before. Dylan is very professional, has extensive knowledge in his field and above all cares and listens to his clients. No matter how extreme my goals may be I know my overall health is Dylan’s number one priority, this trust is very rare in the fitness industry. Since training with MRT, I am the fittest I have ever been. My overall strength has increased dramatically and Dylan really takes the time to teach me how to train correctly and most importantly how to use nutrition for maximum results! I would recommend Dylan and Maximum Results Training to anyone who is looking to make a healthy sustainable lifestyle change.”


“I met Dylan Smouha when I joined a gym in Mona Vale in February 2012. To be honest in the beginning I was sceptical about whether Personal training was for me as I was a regular gym goer and considered that I worked pretty hard, however other people had testified as to the value of PT so I thought I would give it a go, with a nothing to lose attitude.
Somehow I ended up with Dylan Smouha?

I expected to move straight into the gym and start moving iron, instead I found myself in a room discussing my training goals? This was new, and in reality I hadn’t ever sat and thought in detail about what I wanted to get out of all this effort. (Not a bad start I found myself thinking). Dylan explored not just what I wanted the outcomes to be, but also ‘why’ I wanted them, and how important was it for me to reach these goals (good stuff indeed!)
So goals sorted , reasons for training understood, right let’s hit the gym…….WRONG!

Dylan now led me through a nutritional program to understand my ‘MACROS’ and how 70% of the result we (notice it’s now we, not just me) were working toward would be achieved through what I did, and many cases, didn’t consume! (wow I can’t believe how good a trainer Dylan is, and I haven’t even been in the gym yet!)

So now we were both clear on what the training targets were, I was fair better educated on what I needed to eat, and avoid, and when to consume certain macros.

Now we could have fun in the gym. Well it wasn’t fun, it hurt quite a lot, but Dylan made it enjoyable and that is very important. My routine changed regularly which kept things fresh and interesting, and each week we measured our progress to make sure we were on track. At the end of the first program I had lost >7kgs, had increased lean muscle mass by >1kg, and reduced body fat from 20% down to 12%.
Needless to say I was stoked!!

In summary I would say that Dylan is an outstanding Personal Trainer who had great empathy for his clients and works hard to understand what his clients are looking to achieve, and importantly why. He then tailors a plan that will provide the desired results, and coaches his clients through the challenges along the way.
I would highly recommend Dylan to anyone wanting to get RESULTS! “


“I have signed up to 3 different 12 week courses with Dylan and the team at Maximum Results Training and my results have been outstanding. I snapped my achilles and lost the muscle in my leg – he rebuilt it and had me running again in record time. I lost lots of weight from my injury so needed a revamp – on each 12 week course my average results are roughly losing 4% body fat and gaining 4 kilos of muscle so overall I started at 20% body fat and now at 7% and increased massively in size (10+ kilos) – I can’t thank Dylan enough, we had great fun the entire time and now I know different training techniques to go and do it myself to maintain the fantastic results Dylan and Maximum Results Training got me”


“I completed the MRT 8 week challenge and I was extremely happy with both the training and the results, Since training with Dylan I have lost weight, reduced over 4% body fat, I have gained strength and my overall fitness has improved tenfold.

Dylan’s training sessions are intense, results focused but still enjoyable, if you want results I highly recommend Dylan and MRT.”